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Custody Plus Pte. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of VCPlus Limited, is an institutional-grade digital asset custodian with a Capital Markets Services Licence (CMS License No. CMS101326) issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. The company provides custodial services to secure digital assets regulated under Singapore’s Securities and Futures Act.


Custodian Services

(i) Headquartered in Singapore as a subsidiary of a locally listed company, it offers complete transparency of ownership and financial standing.

(ii) The company leverages Distributed Ledger Technology to integrate digital assets effectively and comprehensively within the framework of regulated custody.

(iii) Custody Plus empowers accredited investors, financial institutions, corporates, and issuers in the emerging digital asset economy to safeguard their assets with complete trust.

(iv) The company ensures clients’ digital assets are well-protected with its insurance policy, allowing them to custodise their digital assets with a peace of mind.

Custody Plus is on a mission to deliver institution-grade custody services for digital assets, providing clients with the assurance that their digital assets are secured and protected. It recognises that digital assets are more than just numbers on a screen but they represent real value and assets for its clients. Thus, the company takes the responsibility as custodians of digital assets seriously and adheres to the highest security and compliance standards.

The vision of Custody Plus is to be the trusted partner for digital asset custody. It aims to achieve this by cultivating a culture of reliability with its clients and providing a seamless and secure custodian experience with the highest level of professionalism and expertise. The company strives to become the go-to partner for digital asset custody with a commitment to continuously improving its services to meet the evolving needs of the digital assets industry.

Custody Plus Services

Licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, its institutional-grade custody solution has been designed to meet regulatory compliance for issuers, digital assets exchanges, and investors throughout their entire lifecycle journey in the digital assets space.

(i) Safe Keeping Services – Maintaining proper custody records and ensure timely crediting/ debiting of digital tokens.

(ii) Asset Servicing – Facilitate services related to corporate actions and income distribution for digital tokens under custody.

(iii) Issuer Life Cycle Support – Issuance of smart contracts which improve cost, time and transaction efficiencies.

(iv) Post Trade Activities – Provide seamless and efficient facilitation of trade settlement.

(v) Digital Asset Insurance – Custody Plus is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance in accordance with the regulatory requirement by MAS

(vi) Digital Token Minting Services – Provides the technological solution to mint digital tokens that are backed by real world assets.

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