VCPlus Limited

Social Responsibility

Employee Benefits


VCPlus aspire to create an environment with growth opportunities for our staff. We adhere to practices regarding employee engagement – fair remuneration, employee benefits and training development. We focus on enhancing our staff’s expertise through professional training programs. Employees have access to various programmes to boost their skillset.



VCPlus recognise the importance of establishing sound relationships with our communities. We place importance in maintaining good relations with the local communities.

Occupational Health


The health and safety of our people is the highest priority in all our operations and across our entire company. VCPlus is committed to foster a safety culture at work to protect the most important resource of the business – our people. With this objective in place, we provide them with a safe working environment by adhering to local safety laws and regulations. We are dedicated to establishing systems that provide a safe and healthy workplace for employees. Occupational Health and Safety measures are in place to ensure the well-being of our team members, providing assurance to our customers.



We are committed to a policy of equal opportunity for all potential and current employees and comply with all applicable government laws and regulations related to safety, health, and environmental aspects. We are dedicated to establishing systems that provide a safe and healthy workplace for our employees. Additionally, we recognize that diversity in both the board and management is a crucial element that better supports the achievement of strategic objectives for sustainable development. Board diversity enhances the decision-making process through varied perspectives, skills, experience, gender, age, knowledge, and professional qualifications.



VCPlus recognises the importance of fair marketing practices and transparent communication in building trust and loyalty with our customers, business partners and suppliers. To uphold these principles, we adhere to strict marketing codes that align with various laws and guidelines, including the Singapore Code of Advertising Practice, the Info-communications Media Development Authority’s Codes of Practice and Guidelines, and the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA).
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